Want to WIN? How To Win Webinars will show you how

We’re proud to announce the beginning of a series of LIVE webinars starting in April that will you show you How To Win: increasing your win-rate from 1-in-3, to 3-in-4.

To win over 70% of the business deals you bid for, you need a proven and cohesive sales approach that unites diverse individuals in your team and delivers an impressive, engaging and memorable final pitch. Nicci Take, CEO of m62|vincis, will take you through each part of the series LIVE on YouTube using our unique and bespoke technology. This webinar series is like nothing you’ve ever seen before…

The first webinar in the series, Winning Message: Why not How, will be live on the 18th of April.

Sales are seldom won, mostly they are lost. Often for one of three reasons. They sell the wrong thing to the wrong people at the wrong time. This webinar is about how to avoid these and win by letting the competition fail.

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